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Note: These mixes aren't representation of what I play at the majority of Oamaru DJ & Pro Audio's private functions. They are side projects I pursue as a club / Dance Party DJ. If you're on this page researching entertainment for your wedding, or anniversary party etc, you can be assured the music and lighting will be appropriate for your occasion, yourself and guests. For more details on DJ'ing for your private function please see "You're In Control"


- Malcolm

There are currently 3 electronic music mixes available for download:

Underground Electro-house Mix (recorded April 2010) - A trip into the lesser known.....  Underground Electro at it's best. Mixed by PhonicAsylum /  - aka Malcolm Anderson on Pioneer CDJ 1000Mk3's & Rane Empath Mixer

40 minute commercial Electro / House mix (Recorded August 2009) - Enjoy a journey beginning at the commercial (top 40) side of dance music, through the realms of electro, and a visit into hard trance, with DJ Tiestos trance masterpiece "Adagio of Strings." But before you get too comfortable there, keep one ear open for the hard house sounds of "Mellow Traxx" sneaking up from behind you......

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