Sponsored Events

DJ CXL / J. Williams concert presented by Youthtown Oamaru (Equipment Sponsorship - Technics 1210 Turntables)

Grantlea Downs Christchurch Earthquake Relief Fundraiser - Timaru, March 2011

Emberley Night Sessions @ Snowpark NZ, Wanaka

Kakanui "Big Day Out" School Fundraiser - March 2011

Youthtown Skate Jam March 2011

Autumn Arena Festival - Easter 2011 - DJ & Technician

Youthtown Skate Jam Oamaru 2010

Circulation Music and Circus 5 day event - Dunedin 2010 - Sound and Lighting Technician

Youthtown Blackout UV Party



Oamaru DJ & Pro Audio looks forward to being involved in sponsoring and / or supporting further events, if you or your organisation are interested in being part of organising, or supporting future youth or community events, please feel free to email Malcolm.