The System

Oamaru DJ Wedding SetupWhether you're organising an outdoor concert for hundreds, or a small indoor event, Oamaru DJ & Pro Audio can provide a system to meet your requirements.

A typical system provided for an indoor function includes a pair of Quest 15 inch speakers & RCF 18 inch subwoofer (or two), this sound system can offer anything from gentle background music over dinner, to well balanced & high quality nightclub levels with nice deep bass.

MalcolmA uses Pioneer CDJ1000 turntables, the industry standard in DJ media players.

Supplied for every function will be an intelligent lighting system including top quality units made by "Martin".  Often seen in leading nightclubs, Martin’s moving/colour changing lighting fixtures provide the atmosphere that just makes people want to dance.

Lighting can be scaled up or down depending on your requirements. UV (Blacklight),  Laser and Haze effects are also available.


Oamaru DJ & Pro audio has an array of equipment available to allow provision for back-up equipment and to cater to your event in the most appropriate way.

2 brand new Pioneer CDJ1000 Mk3 DJ Media players, and a new Pioneer DJM-700 Mixer.

2 Technics 1210M5g Vinyl Turntables -The top model of the Technics line.

Quad-core Processor Laptop PC

Rane Serato Scratch Live 3 DJ interface - (A hardware / software solution allowing a DJ to to control a PC or laptop by using Vinyl / CD Turntables in the normal manner)

Rane Empath 3 channel mixer

(Pioneer, Technics, and Rane / Serato, are all THE industry standard names in their respective areas of DJ Equipment, and are used by the majority of professional DJ's all over the world)

Oamaru DJ uses the best brands in the industry, because you deserve the reliabilty, and performance that the best equipment can offer.

We may not be the cheapest in town, but we ARE the best.



Whether you need entertainment for a low key wedding, or a high energy party, Oamaru DJ can provide you with a solution to ensure your special occasion is one to remember.


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