You're in Control

As a private functions DJ I believe the most important thing to remember when playing, is that you are playing solely for the enjoyment of the host and guests of the event.

When you hire someone to ensure the enjoyment of your function, the volume and genre of music is totally Your Call. I encourage the hosts of all functions I DJ at to approach me if they feel the volume or style of music is not what they would like. Only on rare occasions do they need to.

I welcome feedback and requests from your guests through the night, but ultimately it's up to you.

Every booking includes a consultation, should want a chance to meet prior to the date of your function, to discuss music, set-up arrangements, and how you'd like your special occasion to run. For clients from further afield these arrangements are usually made by phone and / or email.


When you're organising your big evening the last thing you need is to have to work around a sound company or DJ who will only set up, or play in a given timeframe.

I will endeavour to work around your time obligations, set up/pack up at a time that suits you, and play overtime if requested on the night leaving you stress-free to do what you need to do.


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